Our Services - Amaravadi Media Network

Corporate Films

We undertake corporate films for International schools, Engineering/Medical Colleges, Business Schools, Industrial and Manufacturing sector, Real Estate, Engineering products, Cement, steel, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Solar projects, Commercial Establishments like Malls etc., Our professional technicians will produce state-of-the-art films which will help you reach your goals and prospective customers.

Documentary/3D Animation Films

Our primary expertise is in the areas of rural development. When we wanted to explain the people in large, the short documentary films will play a major role to make people to really understand what is the real scheme? And how it will benefit them?

We do documentary films for State and Central government’s welfare schemes and programs, irrigation projects in 3D animation, power projects, IT-based technology services being provided to the rural as well as urban folk and all SUCCESS stories.

We are also involved in film-making for Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to bring light to the plight of underprivileged people in the society, urban housing, rural employment and people who are striving for deprived classes of the society to bring their travails to the notice of the rulers. We also undertake:

  • Official presentations with 3D animation for pre-project launching
  • Short-duration films during foreigner visitors
  • Walk-through Presentations
  • Overall development in Assembly/Parliament constituencies
  • Development Activities taken up by MLAs, MPs and other people’s representatives
  • Political leaders/contestants profiles with interviews of public/followers

Media Consultancy

Amaravadi Media Network (AMN) will help bridge the gap between the corporates and their clients through corporate communications. We build relations with people and take your company to the doorsteps of the public through promotion in the newspapers, TV channels. We also arrange press releases, media conferences, venues for media convergences.

Corporate Web Design

World Wide Web will enhance the opportunities for trade. We support our clients to develop their corporate websites with all features like e-commerce, payment gateways, and customer building techniques.