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Amaravadi Media Network (AMN) is a professional film production house engaged in making corporate films, 3D animation films, Documentary films, media relations and high-end web designing.

Amaravadi Karuna Sagar

Amaravadi Media Network (AMN) is a journey of a journalist. Though the company was incorporated in 2014, its real birth was taken place in 2001 itself. Mr. Sagar A K, founder director of the company is a versatile journalist, who has gone deep into the society to understand the plights of people in every walk of life. His journey into electronic media journalism has taken place in the year 1998.

In the initial days of electronic media, journalists are bound to learn technologies involved in the film production. So, Mr. Sagar's eccentricity to learn newer things has blossomed its wings. It has paved the way to exhibit his extraordinary talent in the documentary film production.

During the initial days, all his efforts are on nagging issues being faced by the downtrodden of the society. The first documentary film, made to depict the travails of rural people neglected by the successive governments, has tremendous applause from the top political circles. The film has heart touching scenes without any enacting. Since then, he never turned back. Despite his hectic schedules in journalism profession, he produced numerous documentary and corporate films. The journey took a new shape in 2014, when he floated Amaravadi Media Network (AMN).​